My entrepreneurial experience (despite the chaotic end) was really exciting. I met so many people, did so many extraordinary things that I would never have done in my entire life as an employee. My life was so dynamic, challenging and vibrant, that I told myself that I can’t keep hurting myself and wasting my time in a job that brings me nowhere! 

I like to say that mistakes and decisions catch up, but time NEVER catches up. You can’t change the past, but you can stop wasting time! After saying goodbye to my old job, I started as a 100% consultant and now I have a marketing agency and I accompany SMEs/VSEs in their marketing and digital strategy to help them develop. I also help project owners to position and structure their project (business plan, marketing plan, communication plan, strategy…). My organization is certified and allows clients to have these trainings financed by public funds.

I am specialized only on the marketing part of the project. This part comes before the financial part and it is the most crucial one in all honesty. I also try to promote entrepreneurship, because I think that there are people who have that spark, but who just need to be pushed, motivated. It is during events, that I try to do it! To be honest, I already have other projects forthe future, because I hate doing the same thing all my life! I think that life offers us a field of unimaginable possibilities. We must exploit our full potential by doing what we are passionate about! 

Here’s my background:

  • Graduated with a MASTER in Business School (INSEEC Business School) in Business Strategy (Strategic Marketing) and Digital Marketing
  • Former entrepreneur in e-commerce
  • Speaker in chambers of commerce and incubators
  • 5/5 stars on GOOGLE and FACEBOOK
  • Accompanies SMEs and VSEs in their marketing and digital strategy via MY PARTNERZ, a state-certified organization.