An effective business strategy will invariably include a marketing plan. To help us come up with this and any other strategy, it is useful to think about an x matrix template and how that can help us to display and enforce our business plans.

The value of business templates cannot be underestimated. They are a clear way of showing a plan and will make it easier for a business to work out where they wish to head with their ideas. In terms of marketing, there can be various strategies that you can incorporate like traditional marketing, inbound and outbound marketing, cold emails, etc. A business can use SEO strategists and marketing companies (you can try this) for content planning, blog publishing, promotion, etc. Any business can’t survive only by adopting one type of marketing strategy. For a business to grow and successfully generate new leads, a company has to try different marketing methods to appease different clients. For example, an HVAC business can use traditional advertising as well as email marketing for the older population, whereas social media promotion and SEO to target the comparatively younger population to obtain positive results.

Of course, the marketing company should have an idea about the business niche to get their strategy right. For instance, if you happen to run a cannabis business, building a successful CBD brand will take creative work. Companies like Client Verge (if interested, learn more about Client Verge Marketing) that does customized marketing might be essential for cannabis businesses’ growth online. It takes a lot of work to reach the target audience. PPC, content marketing, and mobile marketing are some of the used techniques. Email marketing is another way to approach potential clients and grab their interest. Here, we will take a look at some email marketing techniques that should prove useful to consider building into our templated plan.

Email marketing is a great method to promote your products and services and reach a wide audience. On the other hand, the fact that it is not a perfect marketing channel is what makes email marketing testing all the more important. This post lists six different email marketing techniques worthy of testing.


The concept of email marketing has become more complex than ever before, with the rise of the web and social media. Using emails has become the most cost-effective marketing medium and offers unparalleled levels of personalization.

The problem with many email marketing techniques is that they’re so easy to use, so it’s easy to overlook the benefits they’re supposed to bring. One way to avoid this is to test out a new technique and see how it goes. If you do this, you’ll be more likely to see the results and benefits of the technique, and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Operational emails

If you want to boost your email marketing campaigns, email is your best option-and there’s no better way to get people to sign up than with a clever and informative welcome message. You can include a welcome message for all customers or just some of your new customers, and it doesn’t have to be overly long. Using a welcome message can boost your email marketing campaigns and get your customers on board.

An operational email is a tool used to separate personal and work-related emails through a process known as email classification. Email classification is a method of understanding the content of an email, to determine whether it’s personal or work-related. The required media assets and information can be accessed from the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and curated into emails accordingly. Senders can then forward all of their work-related emails directly to their work email, or set up a designated desktop email client that will automatically convert work-related emails to a work email.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Many small businesses struggle to get enough quality leads to turn their business dreams into reality. But, the best thing you can do to attract more leads is to inspire your target audience. It’s time to take your marketing to another level, by implementing lead nurturing emails.

If you’re not using lead nurturing emails, you should be. It’s the only proven email marketing strategy that yields consistent, measurable results. The question is, how do you know if your strategy is working? What metrics do you keep an eye on? The first step is to see what’s working.

Transactional Emails

There is no denying that transactional email marketing is on the rise. It can be quite powerful and serve as a great marketing channel, but like most things, it has its limitations and can’t be used as a full-blown marketing channel on its own. Transactional emails are a marketing channel, that is used to send out marketing emails on a schedule that you dictate. It is generally used for e-commerce and SaaS companies, but more and more of the non-SaaS companies are also taking advantage of it.

Sponsorship Emails

When you combine email marketing, social media, and online PR, what do you get? An opportunity to leverage an existing network of influencers to generate interest in your products or services, while also sending some attention your way. The way you pair your campaign with these influencers will determine exactly how effective your campaign will be.

It’s no secret that the amount of email marketing in the world has exploded over the last few years. Email is now one of the most powerful ways to reach your prospective clients, and it is the main source of most inbound marketing campaigns.

Video Emails

Do you know video emails? We have all seen them, but have you ever thought about how effective they are? As you can see, more and more companies are turning to video emails to stay in touch with customers. Think about it; you can use video emails to share personal videos, corporate videos, promotional videos, etc. They are easy to share via email. Simply send your videos to your list and embed them into your emails. Plus, they are also engaging, which almost completely ensures the recipient takes a look at your business.

In conclusion, we can make use of templates to make mapping out our business plan easier, and then use some email marketing techniques that we hope you will consider to help create more sales.

Emails are an important part of marketing strategies, and a quick and easy way to communicate with customers where more personal information is involved.