Employee evaluation software helps you evaluate employees throughout the year. This software helps track the employee’s performance, such as attendance, productiveness, and attitude. Employee evaluation software can help employers identify the strengths of their workers and those employees who are struggling, so it will be able to aid you in identifying what areas need improvement and how that can be done in an efficient and supportive manner.

For instance, if your sales team is not performing according to the business requirements, you might wonder what to do. In such a situation, the right sales training course could help your sales team learn relevant skills and strategies to increase sales.

The best employee evaluation software needs to be able to answer all of these questions and more. You also have to make the most out of it, for example, by tracking employee progress. Some tools can help you do just that. Below are some of the best employee evaluation software you can try:

Perform Yard

Perform Yard Evaluation Software is evaluation software that allows employers to check in with their employee’s performance, as well as manage annual reviews, quarterly goals, continuous feedback, and more that relates to the performance of employees within an organization. It provides a simple base for HR to work from.


Workday offers a cloud-based software platform for businesses that simplifies critical and complex finance, HR, and payroll tasks. Customers use its technology in various industries, including government, higher education, and nonprofit organizations. For enterprises, Workday.com offers a suite of business management software suites, including Financial Management, Human Capital Management, and Campus Solutions.


The program uses a default set of questions based on industry best practices and benchmarks, but you can customize every questionnaire to your company’s specific needs. You can also export data from Workhuman Software for quick and easy analysis or share it with your executive team and other stakeholders.

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an evaluation software company based in Austin, TX, founded in 2008. They offer a cloud-based software suite that automates your talent management initiatives. Culture Amp is a Website Analytics and Review tool that provides the ability to identify, engage, convert and retain website visitors. It uses advanced analysis, AI technology, and machine learning.


BambooHR is a web-based human resources software system that allows small and medium-sized businesses to manage employee tasks, such as payroll, taxes, benefits, and time off. BambooHR offers both a free and premium version of its software, and the free version has many of the same features as the premium edition.


The lattice.com evaluation software is a real-time-saver for managers and supervisors. This program makes it easy to set up, manage, and evaluate employee performance. All evaluations and feedback are collected in one location resulting in increased accountability and streamlined management processes.

The Lattice evaluation software is a web-based software that allows you to get a comprehensive overview of your software selection. The software provides an interactive assessment of various software options, allowing you to simulate your software selection before buying, and focuses on four key factors: usability, reliability, scalability, and security.


Cornerstone OnDemand, a company known for its work in talent management, provides software solutions designed for human resources and hiring managers. Their Cornerstone OnDemand evaluation software is designed to help companies identify the right candidates for a given position, and once hired, help them continuously develop their skill set.


Trakstar.com evaluation software is an evaluation application that helps you keep an eye on your employees’ performance. It is comprised of a series of assessment questions that can be completed online during work hours. Results are compiled to create a detailed and accurate performance report, which you can then share with employees. It is a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer or smartphone with an internet connection.


Eloomi is a website evaluation software tool that analyzes website performance and provides actionable results. Eloomi has built-in tools to help web designers code, develop content, design layouts, and optimize for SEO. Their website analysis tool evaluates websites across more than 60 performance indicators such as speed, SEO, and mobile-friendliness.

Evaluation software is used to evaluate the productivity and effectiveness of an organization’s employees. These programs are especially important for large organisations where employees may be working remotely. Employees use evaluation software to track their progress against set goals. Consider using the list above and see how effective it can be in using the best evaluation software around.